Definition of triode in English:



  • 1A vacuum tube having three electrodes.

    ‘To prevent tube microphonics, the peanut-size triode is surrounded in foam and shock-mounted in a brass block.’
    • ‘Circumstances changed dramatically in about 1925 when the new microphones and triode valve amplifiers introduced a few years earlier for radio broadcasting came into use.’
    • ‘Vinyl records and valve amplifiers are for them, with the triode valve being the one most favoured.’
    1. 1.1A semiconductor rectifier having three connections.
      ‘The positive triode rectifier switch has the upper electrode as a cathode, the lower electrode as an anode, and the p-type semiconductor layer.’
      • ‘The triode rectifier switch is simpler in the manufacturing process and lower in cost than a thin film transistor.’



/ˈtrīˌōd/ /ˈtraɪˌoʊd/


Early 20th century from tri-‘three’ + electrode.