Definition of trioxide in English:



  • An oxide containing three atoms of oxygen in its molecule or empirical formula.

    • ‘Sulfur is converted to sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide, and nitrogen compounds are converted to nitrogen oxides.’
    • ‘The chemical toxicity of inhaled uranium trioxide (uranyl oxide) gas vapor fumes is much worse - about a million times worse - than the radiation from inhalation of any of the other oxides.’
    • ‘Unstable nitrogen oxides, which we did not measure, including peroxynitrite, nitrogen dioxide, and dinitrogen trioxide, are important mediators of oxidation and nitration reactions in vivo.’
    • ‘Boron reacts with oxygen at room temperature to form boron trioxide, which forms a thin film on the surface to prevent further reaction with oxygen.’
    • ‘The nanoparticles are mixed with acetylene black, which makes the mixture electrically conductive, and molybdenum trioxide, which supplies the oxygen.’