Definition of trip hammer in English:

trip hammer


  • A large, heavy pivoted hammer used in forging, raised by a cam or lever and allowed to drop on the metal being worked.

    • ‘This shaft powered a bandsaw, a lawn mower sharpener, an emery wheel grinder, a disc sharpener, a forge blower, and a trip hammer.’
    • ‘Before it had cooled the smith was passing the glowing rod through the trip hammer, more sparks flying and rebounding from his apron as the length of metal was pounded and folded around the slat of the central core.’
    • ‘In the fall of 1841 Pulaski Carter put in three trip hammers and three forges.’
    • ‘For example, the use of water-actuated trip hammers in forging iron reduced workers' fatigue, increasing output while simultaneously producing a superior product.’
    • ‘Later the thinness of the sheet was improved by using water-powered trip hammers, and by the 19th Century sheets of copper were made by steam power and rolling mills.’