Definition of triple acrostic in English:

triple acrostic


  • An acrostic in which the first, middle, and last letters of each line form hidden words.

    • ‘Lamentations 3 has 66 verses constituting a triple acrostic with the same curious transposition.’
    • ‘I may be trying double and triple acrostics next, kind of like a crossword puzzle.’
    • ‘Since then, acrostic puzzles have evolved into double acrostics and triple acrostics.’
    • ‘It's immediately apparent that the first, second and fourth chapters are alphabetic acrostics, with the third a triple acrostic.’
    • ‘The acrostic word is usually made up of the first letters from each line but it also can also be made up of words from the middle or the end of lines: if two acrostic words appear simultaneously in the same writing it is called a double acrostic, if there are three a triple acrostic and so on’