Definition of triple point in English:

triple point


  • The temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid, and vapour phases of a pure substance can coexist in equilibrium.

    • ‘The kelvin is described as 1 / 273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.’
    • ‘These two regions could be separated by a uniform liquid phase, a triple point, or an extended region in which three phases are in coexistence, one solid and two liquid.’
    • ‘The triple point of water occurs at an external pressure of .18 in and a temperature of 32.02°F.’
    • ‘In strict terms, this process is desiccation, not lyophilization, because water removal is done at temperatures above the triple point of water.’
    • ‘Is there a formula to calculate the triple point of a substance?’