Main definitions of tripoli in English

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another term for rottenstone
‘Now the piece was ready to polish with tripoli and rouge.’
  • ‘Rub the brass with a mixture of the vinegar and salt, wipe off immediately with warm water, use the tripoli and olive oil to polish.’
  • ‘Tripoli and rouge are used to polish precious metals, not gemstones.’



/ˈtripəlē/ /ˈtrɪpəli/


Early 17th century from French, from Tripoli.

Main definitions of Tripoli in English

: tripoli1Tripoli2


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proper noun

  • 1The capital and chief port of Libya, on the Mediterranean coast in the northwestern part of the country; population 1,065,400 (est. 2006). Founded by Phoenicians in the 7th century BC, its ancient name was Oea.

    Arabic name Tarabulus al-Gharb, ‘western Tripoli’

  • 2A port in northwestern Lebanon; population 190,800 (est. 2009). It was founded c.700 BC and was the capital of the Phoenician triple federation formed by the city states Sidon, Tyre, and Arvad. Today it is a major port and commercial center of Lebanon.

    Arabic name Tarabulus ash-Sham, ‘eastern Tripoli,’ Trâblous



/ˈtripəlē/ /ˈtrɪpəli/