Definition of trisect in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Divide (something) into three parts, typically three equal parts.

    ‘two walls trisect the gallery’
    • ‘Nicomedes trisected any rectilinear angle by means of the conchoidal curves, of which he had handed down the origin, order, and properties, being himself the discoverer of their special characteristic.’
    • ‘Today, even as traffic signals multiply and thick yellow lines bisect and trisect the roads, motorists, scooterists and non-conformists all line up together at painfully long red lights and plan strategy.’
    • ‘The right of the two diagrams shows how this hyperbola can be used to trisect the angle AOB.’
    • ‘It was a favourite with 17 Century mathematicians and could be used, as Nicomedes had intended, to solve the problems of duplicating the cube and trisecting an angle.’
    • ‘The ‘mathematical problems’ may have been those of duplicating the cube and trisecting the angle.’
    • ‘Gauss had stated that the problems of duplicating a cube and trisecting an angle could not be solved with ruler and compasses but he gave no proofs.’
    • ‘He gave geometrical solutions to doubling a cube and trisecting an angle in this book.’
    • ‘For few people now live in the area, and the lane has become a short cut, a speed track between Basuki Rakhmad and Pemuda, the two great bitumen rivers trisecting the centre of East Java's capital Surabaya.’
    • ‘Prima facie, the long-standing problems of trisecting an angle, squaring a circle, and doubling a cube are not questions of existence.’
    • ‘Astrolabes were circular devices that arranged the stars into three ‘paths’, trisecting the sky at the eastern horizon.’
    • ‘The second cone image represents these different regions with horizontal lines trisecting the cone.’
    • ‘Like so many curves it was studied to provide a solution to one of the ancient Greek problems, this one is in relation to the problem of trisecting an angle.’
    • ‘He also considered the equation associated with the problem of trisecting an angle, namely a cubic equation.’
    • ‘In particular they used kinematic methods to solve the classical problem of trisecting an angle.’
    • ‘The instrument panel is trisected, with distinct gauge clusters, trim, and finishes for each level.’
    • ‘The curve, so named by Roberval, can be used to trisect an angle.’
    • ‘The dancers hurtled feverishly in a circle, then pressed outward into two parallel lines, trisecting the original diagonal pathway.’
    • ‘My own heritage is more far-flung, encompassing Wales, England, Germany, and Hungary, as well as countries in eastern Europe that no longer exist, having been bisected and trisected by countless wars.’
    • ‘What the proposals amounted to was a plan to trisect the West Bank into three cantons by annexing blocs of settlements.’
    • ‘The world now adapts to a trisected geopolitical system, and leaders must begin to focus on minimizing the inevitable strive that will result.’



/trīˈsekt/ /traɪˈsɛkt/


Late 17th century from tri-‘three’ + Latin sect- ‘divided, cut’ (from the verb secare).