Definition of trisection in English:



See trisect

‘He also discussed parabolas, angle trisection and magic squares.’
  • ‘In extending from the Pythagorean numbers to the totally real Vietens, it is important to understand the constructions involving trisections.’
  • ‘Three geometric construction problems from antiquity puzzled mathematicians for centuries: the trisection of an angle, squaring the circle, and duplicating the cube.’
  • ‘Nicomedes, who was highly critical of Eratosthenes mechanical solution, gave a construction which used the conchoid curve which he also used to solve the problem of trisection of an angle.’
  • ‘Squaring the circle is one of the three great problems of Classical Geometry, along with the trisection of the angle and the duplication of the cube.’



/trīˈsekSH(ə)n/ /traɪˈsɛkʃ(ə)n/