Definition of triskelion in English:


Pronunciation /trīˈskelēən/ /traɪˈskɛliən/ /trəˈskelēən/ /trəˈskɛliən/ /trīˈskelēˌän/ /traɪˈskɛliˌɑn/ /trəˈskelēˌän/ /trəˈskɛliˌɑn/


  • A Celtic symbol consisting of three legs or lines radiating from a center.

    ‘According to Norse mythology, the triskelion was a symbol of the movement of the sun through the heavens.’
    • ‘The cauldron-triple spiral triskelion in my masthead is a Celtic symbol of the 3-fold aspect of the Sacred Feminine - as maiden, mother and crone.’
    • ‘Boars, hounds, triskelions, and gem inlays figure in Celtic metalwork from the early Iron Age to the end of distinctly Celtic forms.’


Mid 19th century from tri-‘three’ + Greek skelos ‘leg’.