Definition of tritanopia in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtrītnˈōpēə/ /ˌtraɪtnˈoʊpiə/ /ˌtritnˈōpēə/ /ˌtrɪtnˈoʊpiə/


  • A rare form of color-blindness resulting from insensitivity to blue light, causing confusion of greens and blues.

    Compare with protanopia

    ‘Protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia are all types of dichromatism.’
    • ‘Sometimes tritanopia occurs due to disease, because the short wavelength cone is more fragile than the other cone types.’
    • ‘With tritanopia, the person is deficient in blue and yellow perception, although he is still sensitive to red and green.’
    • ‘Only about 0.005% of the population (male and female) are totally colour blind, and 0.003% have tritanopia, or blue-blindness.’
    • ‘A useful tool for reviewing information about color-blindness and checking legibility of images for color-blind users is Vischeck, an on-line tool that simulates the way an image or a website might appear to a user who has deuteranopia, protanopia, or tritanopia.’


Early 20th century from trito-‘third’ (referring to blue as the third colour in the spectrum) + an-‘without’ + -opia.