Definition of triumphalism in English:


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  • Excessive exultation over one's success or achievements (used especially in a political context)

    ‘the moment calls for humility and hard work, not triumphalism’
    • ‘I don't think the public has yet forgiven the press for that episode of arrogance and premature triumphalism.’
    • ‘How could such euphoria and triumphalism end only two years later in the political cul-de-sac of voter apathy?’
    • ‘The songs and the chants are an end in themselves, triumphalism for people who experience precious few real triumphs.’
    • ‘This is the moment of his most complete triumph - but it is no time for triumphalism.’
    • ‘Affirming papal authority in that context is a far cry from triumphalism.’
    • ‘But there was no victory parade or military march-past at the event - in keeping with the theme of remembrance rather than triumphalism.’
    • ‘He does not tend toward vindictiveness or in-your-face triumphalism.’
    • ‘None of this is victory, and it's far too early for triumphalism.’
    • ‘The triumphalism flowed, he notes, from a deceptively simple rationale.’
    • ‘And triumphalism has a certain quality of unsustainability about it.’
    • ‘The question remains, though, what is fueling this liberal triumphalism?’
    • ‘The level of triumphalism and belligerence churned out by our columnists has been embarrassing to behold.’
    • ‘There's no room for triumphalism, no room for big victory smiles.’
    • ‘Yet that is what sober, scholarly assessments are for: to throw doubt on easy triumphalism.’
    • ‘It must stop exalting its own worst excesses and re-invent itself as a cultural organisation free of the taint of sectarian triumphalism.’
    • ‘It was low-key and it was not saturated with triumphalism.’
    • ‘There is none of the confident triumphalism I heard before.’
    • ‘Foreign policy conservatism has become colored by triumphalism and crusading zeal.’
    • ‘But if the speech was designed to avoid triumphalism, the venue sent out the reverse message.’
    • ‘We think that it will induce humility rather than triumphalism.’



/trīˈəmfəˌlizəm/ /traɪˈəmfəˌlɪzəm/