Definition of triumphantly in English:


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  • In a way that shows great happiness or joy at a victory or achievement.

    ‘the fleets returned triumphantly home’
    • ‘they marched triumphantly into the semifinals’
    • ‘he was smiling triumphantly at the stunned look on my face’
    • ‘Mike calls out triumphantly, "He made it, he made it!"’
    • ‘He eventually succeeded triumphantly.’
    • ‘After an exile of three and a half years, he returned triumphantly to boxing.’
    • ‘Her ambition pays off when she returns to her home village triumphantly as a doctor.’
    • ‘His plan has worked triumphantly.’
    • ‘They march triumphantly, like conquering warriors.’
    • ‘He approached the red carpet and marched triumphantly towards the cameras.’
    • ‘Since the national side returned triumphantly from Ireland, not a single victory has been accumulated.’
    • ‘The two athletes were triumphantly paraded along the street.’
    • ‘He triumphantly announced that he had full-scholarship offers from several colleges.’



/trīˈəmf(ə)ntlē/ /traɪˈəmf(ə)ntli/