Definition of triumvir in English:


Pronunciation /trʌɪˈʌmvə/ /ˈtrʌɪəmvə/

nountriumvirs, triumviri

  • (in ancient Rome) each of three public officers jointly responsible for overseeing any of the administrative departments.

    • ‘The system was revived later in the century by the triumvirs Mark Antony, Marcus Lepidus and Octavian to eliminate those judged sympathetic to the assassination of Julius Caesar.’
    • ‘Octavius, nephew of Julius Caesar, Antony, and Lepidus, united as triumvirs, oppose the forces raised by Brutus and Cassius.’
    • ‘Political anarchy reigned in Rome at the hands of the triumvirs.’
    • ‘For a time, he simply continued by virtue of the powers he had won as a triumvir.’
    • ‘After Julius Caesar's assassination, the triumvirs was formed, consisting of three determined men, Octavius Caesar, Mark Antony, and Lepidus, who shared the rule of the Roman Empire.’


Latin, originally as triumviri (plural), back-formation from trium virorum ‘of three men’, genitive of tres viri.



/trʌɪˈʌmvə/ /ˈtrʌɪəmvə/