Definition of tro-tro in English:



  • (in Ghana) a converted lorry or van used as a public conveyance.

    • ‘The tro-tro station, called Abaobu station, is packed with tro-tros leaving for various destinations.’
    • ‘In general, the tro-tros that I saw were in better shape than the ones I rode in 8 years ago.’
    • ‘As I look through the cracked windshield at the road ahead, I'm confident the tro-tro is up for the journey.’
    • ‘Cars, taxis, buses, and tro-tros fill the streets with exhaust and persistent honking.’
    • ‘Please note that tro-tros do not always display their destinations on the vehicle.’


Probably from Akan tro ‘threepence’, with reference to the fare.