Definition of trochaic in English:



  • Consisting of or featuring trochees.

    • ‘Calendars begins with the cadenced trochaic tetrameter rhythms of ‘Landing Under Water, I See Roots’.’
    • ‘The only notable exceptions are the trochaic tetrameters of ‘The Phoenix and Turtle’ and the iambic tetrameters of Sonnet 145.’
    • ‘The auditory ease of the merry mockeries of maidens is abruptly undermined by the trochaic retarding of the ‘sharp voices’ insisting on ‘maiden labour.’’
    • ‘The first line's primarily iambic structure separates it from the second, fourth and fifth lines trochaic feet.’
    • ‘But if you listen at the line carefully, it's a line of regular trochaic pentameter.’


usually trochaics
  • A type of verse that consists of or features trochees.

    • ‘His infantile trochaics addressed to children (‘Dimply damsel, sweetly smiling’, etc.) earned him the nickname of ‘Namby Pamby’, though Johnson described them as his pleasantest pieces.’
    • ‘Trochaics have rarely been more amusingly used than in Lewis Carroll's 'Hiawatha's Photographing', in which Hiawatha is exasperatedly trying to take portraits of a very tiresome and camera-conscious Victorian family.’
    • ‘The new metre is most likely to result from poems written in what are called trochaics, or two-syllabled feet stressed on the first syllable.’


Late 16th century via Latin from Greek trokhaikos, from trokhaios (see trochee).