Definition of trochoidal in English:



See trochoid

  • ‘The siltstones are intensely rippled, with bedding planes showing original bedforms with straight crests, and symmetrical and trochoidal cross-sectional geometries; features typical of wave generated ripples.’
  • ‘The engine housing 38 has an internal trochoidal surface TS typically found in rotary type engines.’
  • ‘The notion ‘bearing reducers’ indicates the full integration of a high precision trochoidal reduction gear and a radial-axial bearing in a single unit.’
  • ‘In recent years, machining strategies such as trochoidal and morph cutting have been introduced in attempts to mitigate the negative impact of tool overload.’
  • ‘This automatically avoids high-load cuts that could occur with conventional offset strategies, by switching to a trochoidal motion when the cutter encounters large amounts of material.’