Definition of troglodytic in English:



See troglodyte

‘Only when we meet these paragons at a literary festival or a bookstore signing do we discover that they're blue-rinsed dwarfs, clownish geeks, dowdy grannies, troglodytic professors, extras from a Lord of the Rings movie.’
  • ‘Now what would otherwise have been a uninviting troglodytic restaurant is transformed into what promises to become a popular meeting place for the city's chattering classes.’
  • ‘It looks as if it'll get hotter day by day for the next few days, certainly over the weekend, so I shall be adopting a troglodytic existence for the duration.’
  • ‘The most troglodytic of rugby players would find nothing to threaten his values here.’
  • ‘This troglodytic existence was hardly a preparation for later life for those wee ones.’



/ˌträɡləˈdidik/ /ˌtrɑɡləˈdɪdɪk/