Definition of troll farm in English:

troll farm


  • An organization employing people to make deliberately offensive or provocative online posts in order to cause conflict or manipulate public opinion.

    ‘if the company finds evidence of other troll farms, it may prompt lawmakers to reopen their investigations’
    • ‘Former employees of the troll farm reveal what the operation looks like from the inside.’
    • ‘They traced the activity to an internet troll farm.’
    • ‘The accounts had been suspended because they were linked to a troll farm.’
    • ‘The city court upheld the lower court's verdict - although, once again, the troll farm did not send a lawyer.’
    • ‘Residents who live nearby say they have no idea that the troll farm exists.’
    • ‘Investigators believe as many as 126 million people nationally might have been served content from pages associated with troll farms.’
    • ‘His work at the troll farm included registering legal entities in the names of his employees.’
    • ‘The ban does not target troll farms responsible for the majority of disinformation campaigns.’
    • ‘Troll farms used similar tactics in relation to other divisive "culture war" issues.’
    • ‘The troll farm produced 57,000 Twitter posts, 2,400 Facebook posts, and 2,600 Instagram posts.’