Definition of tropological in English:



See tropology

  • ‘She travels by a kind of metaphorical or at least tropological - since it is as much metonymic as metaphorical - displacement, while still remaining the same.’
  • ‘The text itself begins to manifest the lifeworld of gay Harlem or Greenwich Village, the narrative taking on tropological elements of ‘cruising’: taking abrupt turns, pausing, circling, and coyly showing off.’
  • ‘Traditionally expressed, one could perhaps say that typological tropology or tropological typology was the chief interpretative strategy for making the Bible contemporary, for absorbing one's own world into the world of the text.’
  • ‘The rift between the biographical facts of his relationship with his mother and the tropological fictions of her image are somehow fused prior to her resurrection in the second autobiography.’
  • ‘The tropological sense taught about individuals and what they should do, and so it corresponded to the virtue of love.’