Definition of Trotskyist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈträtskēist/ /ˈtrɑtskiɪst/

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  • A supporter of the political or economic principles of Leon Trotsky.

    ‘I bought my copy second-hand, from a Trotskyist in her forties’
    • ‘My admiration for Trotsky as a writer never led me to become a political Trotskyist.’
    • ‘He is regarded as a Trotskyist who never wavered in his conceptions.’
    • ‘His ally turned adversary is a Trotskyist.’
    • ‘They see themselves as genuine Trotskyists.’
    • ‘The Trotskyists fought to mobilize the working class.’


  • Relating to or denoting the political or economic principles of Leon Trotsky.

    ‘a Trotskyist leader of the peasant movement’
    • ‘The Trotskyist extreme left had an historic occasion to weigh in politically.’
    • ‘He was the founding father of the revolutionary Trotskyist group.’
    • ‘Other Trotskyist leaders had already left for Paris.’
    • ‘He gave his support to the party because of his own profound belief in the historical principles represented by the Trotskyist movement.’
    • ‘He defended his revolutionary Trotskyist views.’