Definition of trouble-free in English:


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  • Not experiencing or causing any problems.

    ‘proper installation will ensure trouble-free performance’
    • ‘your life is trouble-free now that you've hit the big time’
    • ‘Some of you will be blessed with trouble-free wisdom teeth.’
    • ‘Make sure the current drive in your PC is trouble-free.’
    • ‘At first, olives were a trouble-free crop here.’
    • ‘Even for those scholars with a masterful knowledge of English, the situation is not completely trouble-free.’
    • ‘They need reliable, trouble-free, long-blooming flowers; through experience, they've learned which plants meet those criteria.’
    • ‘Thanks to his equanimity and good sense, he had given France the most trouble-free regency in its history.’
    • ‘The euro has rallied strongly on the foreign exchange markets after investors took heart from its mostly trouble-free introduction as a cash currency.’
    • ‘Follow these procedures, and you should find the gas fixtures in your home to be safe, convenient, and trouble-free.’
    • ‘This is not to suggest that the relationship between state and capital is trouble-free.’
    • ‘Fava beans are a tenacious and trouble-free crop that succeeds where the growing season is short and other beans fail.’



/ˌtrəblˈfrē/ /ˌtrəblˈfri/