Definition of troubling in English:


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  • Causing distress or anxiety.

    ‘this is a troubling development for those concerned with conservation’
    • ‘the lack of attention to security is equally troubling’
    • ‘Furthermore, the idea of citizenship, once introduced, raised many troubling questions.’
    • ‘Some experts question how far even Sunday's test will go in answering the most troubling questions.’
    • ‘The 1994 presidential election campaign began in troubling circumstances.’
    • ‘A different kind of influx is troubling co-hosts Japan.’
    • ‘Colchester Council is to make cutbacks to meet financially " troubling times ".’
    • ‘I've observed or been informed by Sarah of several troubling issues.’
    • ‘The extent to which industries are moving a wide array of mid-level professional jobs offshore is troubling.’
    • ‘Buying fish, however, can be troubling for new cooks.’
    • ‘Rothfels reminds us of the troubling questions about animal captivity.’
    • ‘Despite the appearance of some troubling signs, the week saw steady corporate debt issuance.’
    • ‘Up next, troubling new concerns about our broken food system.’
    • ‘Still ahead, troubling new evidence of the government's failure to keep U. S. passports secure.’
    • ‘A troubling new report details how our school system is failing our children.’
    • ‘More troubling, the results will encourage more intransigence from Beijing.’
    • ‘Troubling to advertisers is the lack of good "appointment" prime-time TV programming coming into new schedules.’
    • ‘A troubling trend is emerging in the halls of higher learning.’
    • ‘To stand in a glade in the Catskills is to realize what a deeply troubling trade-off that is.’
    • ‘It's perhaps the only moment in the interview where there's a hint of something troubling beneath the surface.’
    • ‘I think that the signs out of Nevada were troubling for Hillary.’
    • ‘To that question, the response can be especially troubling.’



/ˈtrəb(ə)liNG/ /ˈtrəb(ə)lɪŋ/