Definition of troupial in English:



  • A gregarious songbird of the American oriole family, typically having orange and black plumage and yellow eyes.

    Genus Icterus, family Icteridae: several species, in particular the tropical American Icterus icterus

    ‘The eggs are incubated for 15 or 16 days and newly hatched troupials are fed equally by both parents.’
    • ‘Above the sounds of the powerful wind, parakeets and troupials can be heard chattering, and the bleating of goats reverberates across rolling hills.’
    • ‘You can see the troupials just about everywhere on the island.’
    • ‘The mammal species that are present include goats, foxes, anteaters, rabbits and bats, while the birds are hawks, partridges, daras, pigeons, troupials and a type of cardinal.’
    • ‘Members of the family Icteridae are known as troupials, meaning they have the habit of gathering into large flocks or troupes.’



/ˈtro͞opēəl/ /ˈtrupiəl/


Early 19th century from French troupiale, alteration of American Spanish turpial, of unknown origin.