Definición de trover en inglés



  • Common-law action to recover the value of personal property that has been wrongfully disposed of by another person.

    ‘Here it is plain that the full value had not been recovered on the count in trover; the value of the goods mentioned in that action was 7000l, the verdict 1500l, to which sum the verdict on the other counts was necessarily limited.’
    • ‘The plaintiffs brought an action against the defendants in trover in respect of indigo warrants.’
    • ‘In an action for trover, the company would be the proper plaintiff, would it not?’
    • ‘Second, he claims a right to possession under the property law principles of trover and conversion.’
    • ‘The defence cannot be raised in the context of an action in trover, which is based on the misappropriation of a chattel.’



/ˈtrōvər/ /ˈtroʊvər/


Late 16th century from an Anglo-Norman French noun use of Old French trover ‘to find’.