Definition of truckle bed in English:

truckle bed

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mainly British
  • A trundle bed.

    ‘Tours are offered (on Tuesdays and Thursdays) of his modest house, where he slept in a truckle bed and practised in an interior of monastic restraint.’
    • ‘There he settled him back down onto the truckle bed and felt his brow and pulse.’
    • ‘Essential for sleepovers, the truckle bed simply pulls out ready-for-use when friends come to stay.’
    • ‘I slept on a truckle bed, sharing a room with two brothers in their thirties.’


truckle bed

/ˈtrəkəl bed/ /ˈtrəkəl bɛd/


Late Middle English from truckle in the sense ‘wheel’ + bed.