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  • 1A quantity of goods that can be transported in a truck.

    ‘ a truckload of chemicals caught fire’
    • ‘These people were coming in with carloads, truckloads and horse-trailer loads.’
    • ‘A truckload of plutonium waste has been hijacked on the waterfront.’
    • ‘A truckload of troops was immediately sent to cordon off the area.’
    • ‘So when Louis asks Charlie for yet another favor, Charlie must oblige and help him deliver a truckload of TVs.’
    • ‘There will be a truckload of new supplies delivered to your school Friday afternoon.’
    • ‘The gym has contributed more than 40,000 rupees [more than $900 U.S.] and also delivered a truckload of slippers, rice and clothing to the victims.’
    • ‘A truckload of logs descending a steep grade is not an easy thing to manoeuvre or stop - I know, because I've tried it.’
    • ‘At the peak, 16 to 20 truckloads were delivered in a day.’
    • ‘As it turned out, the city needed gravel for a public works project, so crews hauled away seven truckloads.’
    • ‘The airport will use a large screening machine that will be able to scan truckloads full of cargo at a time.’
    • ‘This also hampered the transport of some truckloads of produce from farmland in the south.’
    • ‘A Croatian lorry driver caught with a haul of sub-machineguns in his truckload of frozen pizzas was cleared of all charges yesterday.’
    • ‘It's like building a well for a village rather than shipping in a truckload of bottled water.’
    • ‘When a farmer pulls up at the co-op elevator at closing time with a truckload of grain, the manager will stay late, even though elevators operated by multinational corporations have probably closed.’
    • ‘Thursday, August 1st started off badly, because at midnight I was still almost six hours away from home with a truckload of furniture.’
    • ‘On Thursday this week, a truckload of salt was dumped in Adelaide's Rundle Mall reminding everyone that 1000 truckloads of salt flow down the Murray every day.’
    • ‘It took two truckloads of equipment and a bevy of engineers a whole day to set up what could today be arranged in minutes.’
    • ‘She also expressed gratitude to northern colonies ‘who sent truckloads of material goods.’’
    • ‘The bonfire - made using six semi-trailer truckloads of wood - will burn throughout the night, which culminates in a spectacular fireworks display at around 8 pm.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of people recently hurled truckloads of tomatoes at each other, sending knee-deep rivers of tomato sauce down the streets of the small Spanish town of Bunol during its annual food fight, the Tomatina.’
    cargo, freight, freightage, charge, burden
    1. 1.1a truckload/truckloads of informal A large quantity or number of something.
      • ‘the government had plowed truckloads of money into this land’
      • ‘The non-voting stock started at less than 30 per cent of the total almost 10 years ago but Rupert has been dumping his own holdings and issuing truckloads of new non-voting shares to fund an array of takeovers.’
      • ‘The rest of the party had to avoid embarrassing its nominee with old-fashioned liberal slogans or intemperate attacks on the president, which it did with the help of truckloads of alcohol.’
      • ‘That said, there aren't exactly truckloads of employment opportunities out there for girls who haven't yet hit 16.’
      • ‘Speculation will bring you truckloads of money.’
      • ‘If Helen had said she was facing the next election with confidence because she was going to hand out truckloads of election year bribes, then I would be more worried.’
      • ‘They may not do well as acupuncturists but they just might make truckloads of money as torture room ‘experts.’’
      • ‘I've spent the last two days selling truckloads of fragrance, spraying scents, getting tangled in wrapping paper and ribbons.’
      • ‘Will the truckloads of chlorine you can taste and current filtration systems remove all harmful agents known and untested that lurk in that water?’
      • ‘That means anyone who owns a team in Manitoba will have to have very deep pockets, be willing to basically go it alone and possibly lose truckloads of money.’
      • ‘As you can tell from the clear and concise summary, this is a relatively healthy item to eat, so feel free to buy a truckload of them and eat at least 38 a day.’
      • ‘As every Delhi mother buys a truckload of gold jewellery for her daughter, most gold is imported and, therefore, hugely overpriced.’
      • ‘To distract the viewer from the film itself, MGM has loaded up this release with a truckload of bonus materials.’
      • ‘If I had a truckload of cash just sitting around - I'd buy every t-shirt on their website!’
      • ‘There are countless corporate, commercial and content-rich websites; not to mention a truckload of personal homepages.’
      • ‘She delivers only a handful of lines but a truckload of kicks and punches.’
      • ‘Well, le's just say he'd better have a truckload of sweets.’
      • ‘I got changed quickly, deciding on a pair black pants with a truckload of pockets, a short-sleeved black shirt with purple splashed everywhere and a pair of worn sneakers.’



/ˈtrəkˌlōd/ /ˈtrəkˌloʊd/


    by the truckload
    • In large quantities or numbers.

      • ‘he had charm by the truckload’
      • ‘We scrutinise them on the telly, murmuring, ‘Ooh, nice kitchen’ or ‘I wonder if that top's cashmere ’, and buy their books by the truckload.’
      • ‘He's always been good natured, has integrity by the truckload, and doesn't seem to toe his party's line.’
      • ‘I'm afraid we'll have to start buying water by the truckload again.’
      • ‘No prizes, then, for guessing which book you should read - nor for guessing which one will sell by the truckload in the United States.’
      • ‘But companies usually do it with a wince - after all, a year or so ago, they were buying shares by the truckload when they were far more expensive.’
      • ‘The show has potential by the truckload, and I'm uncharacteristically excited to see how it'll all develop.’
      • ‘Lawrence had it all, a beautiful wife, two smart children, one a girl, the other a boy, and money by the truckload.’
      • ‘Colleges can easily find top-notch runners because the high schools churn them out by the truckload.’
      • ‘Most importantly they try to win games by scoring goals by the truckload.’
      • ‘What he has is character by the truckload, like Jimmy at a similar age.’