Definición de true bill en Inglés

true bill

Pronunciación /tro͞o bil/ /tru bɪl/


Us Law
  • A bill of indictment found by a grand jury to be supported by sufficient evidence to justify the hearing of a case.

    ‘At least twelve of the jurymen had to find a true bill to present a defendant to further trial.’
    • ‘Though arrested, she never faced trial as the grand jury did not find a true bill against her, presumably on the ground that she had behaved as an automaton.’
    • ‘At the assizes in July 1754, the jury found a true bill against William Arundel, a tailor of York, ‘for traitorously and seditiously taking down from Micklegate Bar the heads of two rebels there affixed’.’
    • ‘A grand jury that heard some 50 witnesses, including me, returned a verdict of ‘no true bill,’ exonerating the officers.’
    • ‘On February 23, 1994, they returned a verdict of ‘no true bill.’’