Definition of true rib in English:

true rib


  • A rib which is attached directly to the breastbone.

    Compare with floating rib

    ‘It is extremely rare to find an additional rib or pair of ribs in both the cervical and lumbar regions at the same time. Eight true ribs have been observed.’
    • ‘The Capsular Ligament surrounds the joints formed between the cartilages of the true ribs and the sternum.’
    • ‘The top seven pairs of ribs are called true ribs since they connect directly to the sternum.’
    • ‘These bones are slightly shorter than the true ribs and are connected to the spine in back.’
    • ‘Instead, costal cartilage attaches these ‘false ribs’ to the last pair of true ribs.’


true rib

/tro͞o rib/ /tru rɪb/