Definition of trumeau in English:


nounplural noun trumeaux/-ˈmōz/ /-ˈmō/

  • A section of wall or a pillar between two openings, especially a pillar dividing a large doorway in a church.

    ‘This ornamental display registers from a considerable distance and effectively dominates the portal, though statues may have been planned for the trumeau and lateral niches beneath.’
    • ‘As the author has argued in his consideration of the Souillac trumeau, such monstrous mouths could evoke a multiplicity of meanings for the monastic audience.’
    • ‘No tympanum was ever carved, however, only the trumeau to support one, together with a similarly carved block and some subsidiary reliefs.’
    • ‘Curtailment in midproject is strongly suggested by the adaptation of the trumeau to the purpose of supporting one side of the arch over the central portal.’



/tro͞oˈmō/ /truˈmoʊ/


Late 19th century from French, literally ‘calf of the leg’.