Definition of trundle bed in English:

trundle bed


mainly North American
  • A low bed on wheels that can be stored under a larger bed.

    ‘All of the boys, except 17-year-old Patrick, sleep in one bedroom they call ‘the bunkhouse’ - two sets of bunk beds and a trundle bed fill most of the room.’
    • ‘Clare's bed was a trundle bed so that Mae could sleep near her.’
    • ‘When she turned five, she moved from the trundle bed tucked under Muma's bed, to her own little room across the hall from Andromeda.’
    • ‘Leila pulled out the trundle bed that was underneath her bed and grabbed 2 pillows and blankets from the hall closet.’
    • ‘April can sleep on the trundle bed in my room if she's afraid he'll come back.’
    • ‘I've got the trundle bed if one of you wanted to stay at my place.’
    • ‘How many times had Emma spent the weekend with the Hunters, sleeping in a trundle bed while Faith tossed and turned and ended up awake at 5: 30 in the morning?’
    • ‘From the trundle bed Jen awoke, yawned, and stretched.’
    • ‘He had a trundle bed that Will would be sleeping on.’
    • ‘Finally, after about half an hour of traumatizing arguing, they got Jessica to stay in her little trundle bed.’
    • ‘The bed was a twin and I could tell it had a trundle bed underneath it.’
    • ‘The next morning, the brilliant blue sky and streaming sun wakened me early from our shared trundle bed.’
    • ‘She may be too small for it as yet, but eventually you could move her to a trundle bed.’
    • ‘I rise from the bed, go down the hall, gather a pillow and blanket from the spare room, and sleep on Nate's trundle bed.’
    • ‘A guest bed at my home was an entire suite and if more beds were needed, each room had a pull out trundle bed.’
    • ‘She sat down on the end of Tyna's small trundle bed.’
    • ‘It was a one room cabin. 4 beds, 3 trundle beds and one large baby crib were in a state of disrepair.’
    • ‘A hotel worker just came to tell us that there are no trundle beds left.’
    • ‘If you are pressed for space, you can use trundle beds.’
    • ‘My ever-present guard watched as I gently sang them lullabies and tucked them into their trundle beds.’


trundle bed

/ˈtrəndl bed/ /ˈtrəndl bɛd/