Definition of trunking in English:



  • 1A system of shafts or conduits for cables or ventilation.

    ‘Both air-conditioning and good cable trunking systems are required to modernise the building and make it attractive for a successful letting.’
    • ‘Where any dimension in cross-section is 150 mm or more, duct work, electrical trunking and pipe work shall be shown in double lines.’
    • ‘The finished offices will have suspended ceilings and trunking for power and computer cabling.’
    • ‘The units will have fully fitted offices with suspended ceilings, recessed lighting, painted and plastered walls, perimeter trunking and gas fired central heating.’
    • ‘The building has been finished out to the highest standard and has underfloor trunking for voice and data lines and power.’
  • 2The use or arrangement of trunk lines.

    ‘This aggregation or trunking complies with the IEEE 802.3ad standard.’
    • ‘Furthermore, technologies such as composite trunking enable service providers to leverage router switch fabrics for improved IP layer restoration, optical layer internetworking, and dynamic bandwidth and service provisioning.’
    • ‘Portable and mobile radios will operate on the ALMR network to replace non-compliant legacy trunking equipment.’
    • ‘LMR trunking allows automatic sharing of a small number of radio frequencies between large numbers of radio users' information.’
    • ‘These 50 - Series mobiles operate on conventional systems with dual priority scan or LTR trunking systems or a combination of both types of systems.’



/ˈtrəNGkiNG/ /ˈtrəŋkɪŋ/