Definition of trunks in English:


plural noun

  • Men's shorts, worn especially for swimming or boxing.

    ‘bathing trunks’
    • ‘Talented fashion all-rounders are bathing trunks and shorts in quick-dry fabrics offered with colour co-ordinated shirts to complete beach outfits.’
    • ‘Swimwear included ultra minimal sexy trunks with zipped fronts for men and 50s bathing suits with flared skirts for women.’
    • ‘Cinnamon continued onto the pool deck just as George exited from his changing room in his swimsuit, dark blue trunks with a patriotic splash of red and white.’
    • ‘Before you head out for the sand and surf, make sure you've got the hottest trunks, hat, T, shades, and attitude.’
    • ‘Bodyboarders are a captive audience for trunks and wetsuits, so there is no need to market to them.’
    • ‘First came surfboards, and right on the heels of that came surf trunks and wetsuits.’
    • ‘The men's change room was empty and I slipped out of my shorts and into my trunks, then I slipped off my T-shirt and flexed my muscles.’
    • ‘And high on the wall he spotted the framed pair of boxing trunks worn and signed by world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis.’
    • ‘As the current champion, he resides in and represents that nation, even wearing its symbol on his boxing trunks.’
    • ‘There were lots of people partying in the garden, especially around the pool where some boys in trunks and girls in bikini were playing water polo.’
    • ‘Some were running around in bikinis and trunks, jumping in and out of what looked to be an indoor hot tub far off to my right.’
    • ‘In addition to flash and floral, cargo pockets are a popular addition to many trunks, as you might have noticed in this year's fashion collections.’
    • ‘Your awesome day at the beach has drawn to a close and you want to switch out of your wet trunks.’
    • ‘Two hours later we run into each other on the beach: I'm in a restaurant, fully clothed; he is bronzed, lying on a chaise on the sand, in pink bathing trunks.’
    • ‘Clothed in nothing more than my bathing trunks, I was seated on a stool in a natural enclosure in the jungle.’
    • ‘The Dean was wearing trunks and a Hawaiian shirt.’
    • ‘Finally, stripped to brown trunks and a white shirt, Houdini made his entrance in the pool area.’
    • ‘I was so careful I didn't even get my bathing trunks wet.’
    • ‘Hurriedly, he slips his bathing trunks on, then charges out of the room.’
    • ‘I was wearing a swimsuit, and he was wearing trunks.’



/trəNGks/ /trəŋks/


Late 19th century (originally US): from an earlier theatrical use denoting short breeches of thin material worn over tights.