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(also tsetse fly)
  • An African bloodsucking fly which bites humans and other mammals, transmitting sleeping sickness and nagana.

    Genus Glossina, family Tabanidae: several species

    ‘It is caused by a protozoan, Trypanosoma brucei, which is transmitted to humans through the bite of a tsetse fly.’
    • ‘The tsetse fly transmits sleeping sickness, midges transmits lumpy skin disease and three-day stiff sickness.’
    • ‘Due to the altitude, much of the region is free of malarial mosquitoes and the tsetse and other flies that spread human and animal diseases.’
    • ‘The main health threats are sleeping sickness, transmitted by the tsetse fly, and malaria.’
    • ‘It is caused by the trypanosoma parasite, which enters the bloodstream through the bite of the tsetse fly.’



/ˈ(t)setsē/ /ˈ(t)sɛtsi/


Mid 19th century from Setswana.