Definition of tsutsugamushi disease in English:

tsutsugamushi disease


another term for scrub typhus
‘This is the first finding that L. scutellare is the second vector species of tsutsugamushi disease in Korea.’
  • ‘In the reports on tsutsugamushi disease cases, male and female cases are almost equal in number.’
  • ‘The tsutsugamushi disease is contracted by high temperature, exanthema and adenopathy following the cold-like symptoms.’
  • ‘The vertical transmission, namely the transovarial transmission of rickettsia harbored by the parents to the following generation is the main route of transmission of the tsutsugamushi disease rickettsia in the natural world.’
  • ‘Although the pathogenesis of scrub typhus may be very complex and involve immune and inflammatory mediators such as cytokines, prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and kinins, the key factor of disseminated endothelial infection has now been established for tsutsugamushi disease as well as the rickettsioses.’


tsutsugamushi disease

/ˌtso͞otsəɡəˈmo͝oSHē dəˌzēz/ /ˌtsutsəɡəˈmʊʃi dəˌziz/


Early 20th century tsutsugamushi, from the Japanese name of the mite which transmits the disease.