Definition of tub-thumper in English:


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informal, derogatory

See tub-thumping

‘But others berate him as an inflexible tub-thumper who harangues his charges and treats adults like children.’
  • ‘And it's true that tub-thumpers looking for explicit invectives against the former Mayor will want to take their ire elsewhere.’
  • ‘And just because you don't see 45 million tub-thumpers doesn't mean that we don't have them.’
  • ‘And for the tub-thumpers I can only say ‘Wake up and start living in the real world.’’
  • ‘Not every male columnist is a fire-breather, an instant expert, a tub-thumper, an obnox.’



/ˈtəb ˌTHəmpər/ /ˈtəb ˌθəmpər/