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tube top

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  • A tight-fitting strapless top made of stretchy material and worn by women or girls.

    British term boob tube

    ‘She had a mini skirt and a tube top with a jacket over it.’
    • ‘It can be both a stylish halter and a tube top with a pretty bow!’
    • ‘She pulled on her underwear and bra, and then put on a black tube top and a denim skirt.’
    • ‘Just then a woman wearing a tight red dress with a white tube top and a matching red cashmere jacket, walked up to them.’
    • ‘The shirt was a black tube top that fit almost like a second skin.’
    • ‘The first outfit was a tube top and flowing skirt in madras.’
    • ‘She was wearing a tight tube top with a jean skirt with hoop earrings.’
    • ‘I've got on a red tube top with a jean jacket and a pair of ripped jeans.’
    • ‘She wore a jean jacket over a black tube top and blue jean hip huggers.’
    • ‘Demon took the skirt and the tube top and went into a dressing room stall.’
    • ‘Erin on the other hand, wore a black skirt with a white tube top and a black sweatshirt was tied around her waist.’
    • ‘I put on a long skirt with a black tube top, and tied a choker around my neck.’
    • ‘She was wearing a short skirt and a tube top despite the fact it was only 40 degrees outside.’
    • ‘She wore a pink tube top to match her skirt and her hair was done in loose curls, half up and half down.’
    • ‘I chose a red tube top, black denim mini skirt with matching black denim jacket and red strappy platforms.’
    • ‘She had a black denim skirt on, knee-high, with a white tube top.’
    • ‘She was sitting on the bed dressed in jeans and a tube top.’
    • ‘I'm wearing a black tube top, a black leather mini skirt, and my black platform heels which strap around my ankles.’
    • ‘Her short short skirt revealed her long legs and her tube top showed off her tanned stomach and shoulders.’
    • ‘But she looked very elegant as well, decked out in a black tube top, and a long black skirt.’


tube top

/ˈto͞ob ˌtäp/ /ˈtub ˌtɑp/