Definition of tubercular in English:


Pronunciation /ˌt(y)o͞oˈbərkyələr/ /ˌt(j)uˈbərkjələr/

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  • 1Medicine
    Relating to or affected with tuberculosis.

    ‘a tubercular kidney’
    • ‘In acute miliary tubercular mastitis breast disease is a part of a generalized miliary tuberculosis.’
    • ‘In conclusion, PCR can be used as an additional test for detecting M. tuberculosis in patients with tubercular pleuritis because conventional methods have low sensitivity.’
    • ‘A separate section of pyogenic, tubercular and brucella infection of the spine is included.’
    • ‘Death rates from silicosis, miners' phthisis, and tubercular diseases were very high on the Rand.’
    • ‘He came to Britain, working in Cardiff, where he obtained the diploma in tubercular diseases, and later returned to India.’
    1. 1.1Biology Medicine Having or covered with tubercles.
      ‘a tubercular and irregular structure’
      • ‘All 8 patients of tubercular breast abscess responded to repeat aspiration in conjunction with ATT.’
      • ‘Pearl used statistical methods to determine whether tubercular lesions found during these autopsies were correlated with cancer.’
      • ‘A tubercular growth center of appropriate size could produce a simple barb-like element, with cortex and medulla.’


  • A person with tuberculosis.

    ‘the dying tubercular’
    • ‘The proof of the defendant showed that he was a tubercular and at the time of the trial was awaiting transportation to the tuberculosis sanitarium for treatment.’
    • ‘In the mythology, 'the dying tubercular is pictured as made more beautiful and more soulful'.’