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(also TB)
  • An infectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the tissues, especially the lungs.

    The disease is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis or (especially in animals) a related species; Gram-positive acid-fast rods

    ‘The children then succumb to diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia and meningitis.’
    • ‘There are few medicines used to treat diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and polio that have patents on them now.’
    • ‘He worked on typhoid fever and tuberculosis a disease he contracted himself.’
    • ‘The loss of the plant led to thousands of children dying from malaria, tuberculosis and other treatable diseases.’
    • ‘The majority of the people she sees are suffering from malaria, tuberculosis and skin diseases.’
    • ‘He said nanomachines could eventually be used to cure diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.’
    • ‘Spinal caries, known as Pott's Disease, is tuberculosis of the spinal column.’
    • ‘Crowded housing encouraged the spread of tuberculosis and infectious diseases such as measles.’
    • ‘This is the first mathematical model to study disease trend of tuberculosis in India.’
    • ‘Skeletal tuberculosis is a haematogenous infection and affects almost all bones.’
    • ‘A person may have had an infection with tuberculosis without being aware.’
    • ‘Malaria and tuberculosis were dealt with in the little dispensary.’
    • ‘Malnutrition was rife, as were diseases such as tuberculosis and smallpox.’
    • ‘Fixed dose drugs have proved successful in treating malaria and tuberculosis.’
    • ‘Two diseases intrigued her: tuberculosis and leprosy, both of which are caused by mycobacteria.’
    • ‘Cervical lymph nodal enlargement is common to both tuberculosis and malignancy.’
    • ‘He died of tuberculosis, a disease from which he had suffered for many years.’
    • ‘She's diabetic, and only has one lung after contracting tuberculosis at an early age.’
    • ‘Early diagnosis of tuberculosis is an important arm in the control of tuberculosis.’
    • ‘All three reactions with early pustule formation indicate concurrent tuberculosis.’
    tuberculosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, TB, wasting disease, emaciation



/t(y)o͞oˌbərkyəˈlōsəs/ /t(j)uˌbərkjəˈloʊsəs/


Mid 19th century modern Latin, from Latin tuberculum (see tubercle) + -osis.