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tubular bells

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plural noun

  • An orchestral instrument consisting of a row of vertically suspended metal tubes struck with a mallet.

    ‘In the orchestra, I am thinking of using a certain number of brass and also metallic percussion: tubular bells, gongs, tam-tam, etc.’
    • ‘Lashing whips, hollow gunshots, meaningless choruses, whistling, echoing pipes, tubular bells and stylophones are all tipped into the collage.’
    • ‘Other instruments used were mainly percussion - tubular bells, tam tams, and three Tibetan drums.’
    • ‘In such cases tubular bells, bell plates, or electronic simulation may be substituted.’
    • ‘The excellent score, when present, is an ethereal and lilting affair, full of upright bass and tubular bells which fit the film like a glove.’


tubular bells

/ˈto͞obyələr belz/ /ˈtubjələr bɛlz/