Definition of tuck in in English:

tuck in

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phrasal verb

  • 1tuck someone in, tuck in someoneMake someone, especially a child, comfortable in bed by pulling the covers up around them.

    ‘he carried her back to bed and tucked her in’
    • ‘Without my knowing, Terrence pulled back the silky covers of his bed and tucked me in, placing his soft lips on my forehead before leaving the room, closing the door with a soft click.’
    • ‘In her home I ate my first real Aussie meal, and during a sleep-over I experienced her mother's kindness when she came into my room at night and with gentle hands straightened the coverlet on my bed and tucked me in.’
    • ‘Then, I lied her in her clean bed and tucked her in.’
    • ‘To tuck you up in Megan's bed warmed our hearts and when I looked in to see you asleep you brought a lump to my throat.’
    • ‘Do not worry about clearing up the children's toys until after they are tucked up in bed, unless you want to go completely mad.’
    • ‘She said: ‘It is difficult to imagine where a little girl should feel safer other than when she is tucked up in her bed, in her own home, with her mother nearby.’’
    • ‘Ryan tucked her in, pulling the warm blankets over her.’
    • ‘She takes him to bed and tucks him in, so he can sleep, she does not leave his side.’
    • ‘Jodi staggered backwards from her sister's bed after tucking Hannah in.’
    • ‘I had the faint memory of dad coming into my room and carrying me to my bed and tucking me in but had thought I was dreaming.’
    • ‘I just nodded, and he lifted me into his arms and carried me up to my bed, tucking me in.’
    • ‘Slowly he laid her down on her bed, neatly tucking her in.’
    • ‘He carefully put her down in the bed and began tucking her in.’
    • ‘He ushered her off to bed, tucking her in and kissing her goodnight.’
    • ‘He picked her up and brought her to his bed, tucking her in and giving her a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room.’
    • ‘Mrs. Holly guided the kids to bed and tucked them in.’
    • ‘Nine o'clock came around and I tucked Jenna in bed and read her ‘The Paperbag Princess.’’
    • ‘Thinking he had common or garden flu, his family dosed him with aspirin and tucked him up in bed.’
    • ‘Then, she carried him over to his bed and tucked him in beneath the quilts.’
    • ‘Once upstairs, Alana led her mother to the bed and tucked her in, adjusting the pillow and leaving the remote control to the TV in her reach.’
    make snug, make comfortable, settle in, cover up
  • 2British informal Eat food heartily.

    • ‘today's a special occasion, so tuck in’
    • ‘And after seven years of liquid food, Jack is tucking into foods that for years he could only dream of.’
    • ‘She is keen to get children as young as possible tucking into healthier food.’
    • ‘They tucked into a range of foods from the American hotdog and Italian pizza to Thai stir fry and Indian kebab.’
    • ‘They also tucked into different foods, including a Caribbean Feast, which was cooked by some of the parents.’
    • ‘While not being a fan of particularly spicy food, I tucked into the Lamb with relish.’
    • ‘Thirty children tucked into food, enjoyed the bouncy castle and had a visit from Father Christmas!’
    • ‘Stalls selling tasty hot dogs, burgers, chips, lollipops and candyfloss ensured everyone had the chance to tuck into their favourite food on the night.’
    • ‘And, like all good travellers, it's good to tuck into some real food at your journey's end.’
    • ‘After the formal speeches were finished we were all supposed to tuck in to the food and drink.’
    • ‘Lauren giggles as she begins to tuck into her food.’
    eat heartily, devour, consume, gobble up, wolf down