Definition of tuckahoe in English:



  • A root or other underground plant part formerly eaten by North American Indians.

    the starchy rhizome of an arum that grows chiefly in marshland (Peltandra virginica, family Araceae)
    the underground sclerotium of a bracket fungus (Poria cocos, class Hymenomycetes)

    ‘Generally, one formula includes 40 to 50 types of herbal medicine, such as ginseng, tuckahoe, honey, medlar and tuber of multiflower knotweed.’
    • ‘These true mycorrhizae include such macro-fungi as the toadstools and the hypogeous truffles and tuckahoes.’
    • ‘Its native range, eastern Texas to Florida and northward to the Great Lakes and southern Maine, appears expanding as populations of tuckahoes have been discovered in Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, and southeastern Canada.’
    • ‘In addition, there are over 200 known species of fungi, including the famous edible fungi songrong, hedgehog hydnum, zhangzi fungus, mush rooms, black fungi, tremellas and yellow fungi and fungi with medical use such as tuckahoes, songganlan, stone-like omphalias.’
    • ‘Although not picky eaters their were particular favorites on the porcine scavengers’ menu: nuts, fruit, shellfish, Indian corn and tuckahoes, the wild tubers gathered by Pocahontas's people to get through famines.’



/ˈtəkəˌhō/ /ˈtəkəˌhoʊ/


Early 17th century from Virginia Algonquian tockawhoughe.