Definition of tucket in English:



  • A flourish on a trumpet.

    ‘a tucket sounded at a distance’
    • ‘The finale burns down the barn with sennets and tuckets from the trumpets, echoed rhythmically by the timpani.’
    • ‘A few late 16th and early 17th-century instruction manuscripts have survived with military calls, short fanfares (It.: toccata, whence tucket), and longer flourishes (It.: sonata, whence sennet) written out.’
    • ‘Of the various types of ceremonial trumpet signal, for example, sennet and tucket emerge with precise meanings, but flourish seems at times a more generalized term.’
    • ‘Tributes were penned, tuckets were sounded, haggis was downed.’
    • ‘There are no musical samples extant of sennets and tuckets.’
    peal of trumpets, flourish, fanfaronade, trumpet call, trumpet blare





Late 16th century from obsolete tuck ‘beat a drum’, from Old Northern French toquer, from the base of touch.