Definition of tuffet in English:



  • 1A tuft or clump of something.

    ‘grass tuffets’
    • ‘Our cat, Mick, has what we lovingly refer to as "tuffets of hair".’
    • ‘Have you been gambolling on the hillsides, skipping over bluebells and snowdrops whilst hiding eggs under tuffets of grass, listening to the call of new-born chicks?’
    clump, bunch, knot, cluster, tussock, tuffet
  • 2A footstool or low seat.

    ‘By the way, a tuffet is a low stool, which she could sit on while milking the cow whose milk made the whey.’
    • ‘They had to make do with kitchen tuffets, orange boxes, a piano stool and a rocking chair borrowed from next door.’
    • ‘Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.’





Mid 16th century alteration of tuft.