Definition of tule in English:



  • A large bulrush that is abundant in marshy areas of California.

    Genus Scirpus, family Cyperaceae: two species, S. acutus and S. validus

    ‘Digging deeper, he would have found long-dormant seeds of marsh sedges and the sleeping rhizomes of tules and cattails.’
    • ‘By late summer, it has dried almost entirely - nothing but weary, bent tules and polygonal cracks in sunbaked mud.’
    • ‘Egrets, terns, mallards, pelicans, eagles, tundra swans, and herons browsed amid thickets of 10-foot-tall bulrushes known as tule (too-lee).’
    • ‘The tule reeds might be ripped out, damaging the slough's filtration system.’
    • ‘In my youth, this was a murky place filled with stands of tule reeds, bubbling pools of stagnant water and little streams that ran between islands of bushes and reeds.’



/ˈto͞olē/ /ˈtuli/


Mid 19th century via Spanish from Nahuatl tullin.