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tulip tree

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(also tuliptree)
  • A deciduous North American tree with large distinctively lobed leaves and large green and orange tulip-shaped flowers.

    Liriodendron tulipifera, family Magnoliaceae

    ‘The tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, has a bright yellow edged form called ‘Aureomarginatum’.’
    • ‘Japanese magnolia, Magnolia soulangeana, also known as tulip tree and saucer magnolia, is one of the first trees to flower in late winter, either in January or February, depending on the weather.’
    • ‘The tree species included dawn redwood, ginkgo, bald cypress, and relatives of present-day sassafras, tulip tree, and magnolia.’
    • ‘Other less prominent tree types included various hickories, other ash species, white oak, black walnut, butternut, basswood, yellow buckeye, elm, black cherry, black gum, and tulip tree.’
    • ‘While liquidambar leaves are predominantly orange and red in the autumn, tulip trees glow golden in autumn, supported by their sturdy trunk.’


tulip tree

/ˈto͞oləp ˌtrē/ /ˈtuləp ˌtri/