Definition of tulipwood in English:



  • 1An Australian tree of rainforest and scrub, with heavy black and yellow timber that is used mainly for cabinetmaking.

    Harpullia pendula, family Sapindaceae

    ‘The flowers of tulipwood are greenish/yellow with five petals, and arranged in panicles emerging from the leaf axils.’
    • ‘There are other, unrelated species which are also called tulipwood.’
    • ‘There also exists the Australian "tulipwood", the common name of Harpullia pendula, among others.’
  • 2The pale timber of the tulip tree.

    ‘Both are easily confused with rosewood, particularly as tulipwood is also known as bois de rose in France.’
    • ‘This box features eight book-matched pieces of Brazilian tulipwood, the lightest hued of the true rosewoods, in a beveled field of wenge, with holly.’
    • ‘All different types of woods were used to make up this complicated pattern: rosewood, walnut, mahogany, satinwood, ebony, boxwood, burr walnut, elm and tulipwoods to name a few!’
    • ‘I've also made 3 tulipwoods, another cedar, and another sassafras but gave those as gifts before taking pictures.’
    • ‘This is a very pale piece of tulipwood.’



/ˈto͞oləpˌwo͝od/ /ˈtuləpˌwʊd/