Definition of tumble-dry in English:


verbtumble-dries, tumble-drying, tumble-dried

[with object]
  • Dry (washed clothes) by spinning them in hot air inside a dryer.

    • ‘I thought they were a bit tight when I put them on, but then they always are after I've washed and tumble-dried them.’
    • ‘The bedding can be washed in a washing machine and tumble-dried, if necessary.’
    • ‘I wash and tumble-dry everything over the weekend.’
    • ‘Their uniforms are washed and tumble-dried every night, but on the way to school they find everything they can to get as dirty as possible.’
    • ‘No-one in my family likes the feel of jeans when they've been tumble-dried so I brave the cold to hang them up.’