Definition of tumefy in English:


intransitive verbintransitive verb tumefies, intransitive verb tumefying, intransitive verb tumefied

[no object]
  • Become swollen.

    as adjective tumefied ‘the tumefied face, the swollen and blackened eyes and lips’
    • ‘Her abdomen was swollen, her six breasts had tumefied and turned pink, poking through her fur, sometimes leaking droplets of milk.’
    • ‘The vacuum cup creates suction causing the surface tissue to tumefy or bulge into the cup.’
    • ‘The cup is drained of air and applied to specific areas of the body causing the skin to tumefy, or swell.’
    • ‘This method left the flesh tumefied and healing was long but it avoided gangrene.’
    • ‘The gums tumefy and change in color to a dark rose tint; the tongue is swollen; the patient not only experiences an unpleasant metallic taste, but the breath becomes impregnated also.’
    become bigger, make bigger, become larger, make larger, become greater, make greater, increase in size, grow, expand



/ˈt(y)o͞oməˌfī/ /ˈt(j)uməˌfaɪ/


Late 16th century (earlier (Middle English) as tumefaction): from French tuméfier, from Latin tumefacere, from tumere ‘to swell’.