Definition of tumuaki in English:



New Zealand
  • The person in charge of an organization or institution.

    ‘the federation recognised his position as Tumuaki’
    • ‘The tumuaki says there is a discrepancy in the financial accounts.’
    • ‘Rejecting the claims, the tumuaki accused him of having ulterior motives.’
    • ‘The tumuaki told those present that the mana of the association came from Maori students, to whom the members were foremost accountable.’
    • ‘Its tumuaki (or principal) says the government's announcement will mean it can feed tauira (or students) five days a week, rather than just three days.’
    • ‘The school's tumuaki said he was "extremely disappointed at the incident", which he said reflected badly on the school, its students, and Maoridom.’
    • ‘Christie, who started in the role of tumuaki this year, said he was confident that with new-found community support, his school would do "a lot better" next year.’
    • ‘I would like to acknowledge my predecessor, founder and inaugural tumuaki, Rongo Wetere, who started the institution's journey.’
    • ‘The tumuaki of the Maori immersion school said black mould had taken over a large proportion of the school.’
    • ‘The federation recognized the hereditary nature of his position as tumuaki.’
    • ‘He was described as the tumuaki of the kingdom, a position similar to that of chief executive or prime minister.’