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(also W)
  • The chemical element of atomic number 74, a hard steel-gray metal of the transition series. It has a very high melting point (3410°C) and is used to make electric light filaments.

    ‘Kyrgyzstan has deposits of gold, coal, bismuth, mercury, antimony, tungsten, and copper.’
    • ‘While most bullets have been jacketed with copper-zinc alloy, a variety of other hard metals, including tungsten, have been used.’
    • ‘The metals tungsten and copper both exhibit very high ductilities.’
    • ‘There are also deposits of tungsten, vanadium, tin, copper, and lead.’
    • ‘At present the required electrons are generated by heating suitable metal wires, typically tungsten, to high temperatures.’
    • ‘Because tungsten is much harder than stainless steel, it is also more difficult to machine mechanically.’
    • ‘Certainly tungsten as a metal is much denser than either brass or lead and it really showed in these flies.’
    • ‘The high melting point of tungsten makes it an obvious choice for structural applications exposed to very high temperatures.’
    • ‘A metal additive in the charge, such as titanium or tungsten, gives the flame a sparkling effect.’
    • ‘It reminded me of a science experiment that involved heating a block of tungsten to light it up.’
    • ‘The tungsten filament of an incandescent light is an example of a wire under extreme conditions.’
    • ‘A small but very important amount of tungsten is also used to make the filament in incandescent light bulbs.’
    • ‘Its melting and boiling points are third highest among all elements after tungsten and rhenium.’
    • ‘The electrode is tungsten coated and water cooled because of the high temperatures involved.’
    • ‘Interior designers and architects will want to employ rich, dark finishes and tungsten light sources.’
    • ‘The traditional tungsten filament bulb is the one we've all grown up with.’
    • ‘Recently, experimenters found that adding some tungsten to the compound could drive down the transition temperature.’
    • ‘In the beginning, tin, lead, copper, silver, and gold were mined; there was no use for tungsten at that time.’
    • ‘As Warne surely knows, you can't have a serious career as a Test bowler without a hide of tungsten.’
    • ‘Unlike the bright glare of tungsten lights, these award-winning stories come alive under softer lights and live performances.’



/ˈtəNGstən/ /ˈtəŋstən/


Late 18th century from Swedish, from tung ‘heavy’ + sten ‘stone’.